This class is taught by:

Jen Thorn

Growing up in Colorado health and fitness were a part of everyday life for Jen. At age 2 she started skiing and age 3 began a 20-plus year dance career that continues today. When she wasn’t skiing, hiking, or biking, Jen was studying dance; everything from classical ballet to flamenco, and hip-hop to Jazz. Jen has studied with the Kirov Ballet, the Bolshoi Ballet, Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater, Colorado Ballet, Cleo Parker Robinson Dance Ensemble and Orlando City Ballet, to name a few. Jen attended Rollins College in Florida where she pursued a degree in International Relations and minored in dance. Jen and her husband Levi eventually followed a job opportunity that landed them in Jackson, where she paired her love of dance and fitness to become a certified Jazzercise and Barre instructor, but it wasn’t until Jen became pregnant with her first child that she became truly passionate about barre. “I did Barre throughout my entire pregnancy and found that it contributed not only to the physical wellbeing of both myself and my child but helped me develop a physical and mental strength I had never known. I realized how incredible I felt after completing a barre class, and I want to share and empower others with that same mental and physical strength.”
PiYo is a hybrid, athletic workout, which combines the mind/body practices of yoga, barre and Pilates, with the principles of stretch, strength training, conditioning, dance, and dynamic movement. When you attend a PiYo class be prepared to sweat, and not from doing high-impact athletic training, but because you will not stop moving! The action packed sequencing takes you through low-impact stretching, strengthening, and body weight resistance-based exercises that promote lean muscle development. This class is set to a bumping play list so come prepared for a dance party atmosphere, and above all, be ready to have fun!