Hot Flow

This class is taught by:

Brian Flint

Brian’s relation with yoga started while earning an architectural degree in Boulder, Colorado. Drawn by the physicality, he quickly grew attached to yoga’s multifaceted contribution to overall health; restoring his body after manual work or outdoor play, and decelerating his mind when the off kilter mental hamster wheel started spitting off sparks.
Brian’s classes are a space for fellow yogis to be in a community and find introspective “you time”. He enjoys being a student of his guests, learning from their practices and engaging with hands on adjustments. Expect moments of challenge and strength building, balanced with calming stretches and mental relaxation. His classes are a mixture of active encouragement and times where silence is the best teacher. Come to smile, frown, engage or be alone on your mat, this class is time for yourself!

Brit Hastings

Brit hails from New Hampshire but has found a home in Jackson Hole. She landed in Wyoming in June 2001 when friends invited her to their dude ranch and, ever the Dixie Chicks fan, she jumped at the chance to see "some wide open spaces". Halfway through her first ski season she bought Wyoming plates and has not looked back.
Brit first came to Pursue Movement Studio as a student while she was working on a guest ranch north of town. She was immediately struck by the community at Pursue and loved their movement philosophy. It wasn't long before she followed her passions and began her journey from student to teacher. In a word, her favorite part of Pursue is connect. "The community fostered through our instructors and students is so, so special," she says.
When Brit is not doing (or Teaching) yoga, she enjoys good coffee, books by Jojo Moyers, and being outside- trail running during the summers and skiing in the winter!

Trish Fairbanks

Trish Fairbanks counts her greatest accomplishment in life as being married to her amazing husband, and being the mom to four smart, funny, and talented kids. Two other favorite parts of life include moving to Jackson Hole in 2011, and rekindling her love of teaching group exercise and becoming a yoga, condition, and barre instructor at Pursue. She started teaching group exercise when she was in college (step, hi/lo aerobics, slide, condition, water aerobics, spinning, etc)… After 11 years of teaching, she took a hiatus when her 4th child was 6 months old. When she is not at the studio, you can find Trish hiking, baking, entertaining, volunteering at church, and hanging out with friends and family.
In a warm room, this series begins by building internal fire with dynamic breath to movement flow. It will then slow down into a more traditional approach to poses, building steady depth to open the muscles of the body. Added warmth in the environment will increase the pliability of the muscles to safely allow exploration of both strength and length. Expect weight bearing poses such as down dog; classes are diverse and sequencing will vary with instructor philosophy.

Upcoming classes:

  • Mon Jun 26 7:10 am - 8:10 am with Brian Flint
  • Mon Jun 26 6:30 pm - 7:30 pm with Brit Hastings
  • Wed Jun 28 9:10 am - 10:10 am with Brian Flint
  • Mon Jul 03 7:10 am - 8:10 am with Brian Flint
  • Mon Jul 03 6:30 pm - 7:30 pm with Brit Hastings
  • Wed Jul 05 9:10 am - 10:10 am with Trish Fairbanks
  • Mon Jul 10 7:10 am - 8:10 am with Hannah Strauss
  • Mon Jul 10 6:30 pm - 7:30 pm with Brit Hastings
  • Wed Jul 12 9:10 am - 10:10 am with Trish Fairbanks
  • Mon Jul 17 7:10 am - 8:10 am with Brian Flint
  • Mon Jul 17 6:30 pm - 7:30 pm with Brit Hastings
  • Wed Jul 19 9:10 am - 10:10 am with Trish Fairbanks