Bea is incredibly passionate about helping others find a strong connection between the emotional mind and the physical body, while also cultivating a fun and encouraging atmosphere. Her passion for fitness and wellness began while attending college in rural Vermont. At this time her appreciation for the outdoors, healthy living and exercise blossomed into a true passion. After graduating, Bea moved to New York City and became a certified Yoga, Mindfulness Meditation and Spinning teacher. Bea moved to Jackson Hole in early 2016, returning to an outdoor-focused, healthy environment where she feels her interests and passions are best suited. Bea's teaching is grounded in mindfulness; she also puts a great emphasis on alignment, breathing and pushing her students to expand and improve their physical limits. Expect to leave Bea's classes with a clear mind and a big smile!

Bea instructs the following:
  • Cycle

  • Yoga
  • Compassionately taught breath to movement sequencing will awaken the guest's senses while helping them build strength and flexibility. Balanced with calming stretches to help the mind and body relax; this class will meet you at your current level, but always offer and encourage you to go deeper. Classes are diverse and sequencing will vary with instructor philosophy.

  • Heated Sculpt
  • One of the more rigorous flow practices offered, this vibrant series will incorporate a breath to movement sequence, a challenging core set to build internal fire, a sculpting series that includes light resistance training and a cool down to enhance mobility. Expect to sculpt, hone and tone every muscle in the body; this practice includes various elements of many different disciplines. Classes are diverse and sequencing will vary with instructor philosophy. Temperature at 98 degrees/50% humidity

  • Non-Heated Sculpt
  • Everything you love about room temperature

  • Restorative yoga, mediation and pranayama summer series with Bea ($10 Donation)
  • Join Bea for a compassionately taught one-hour class combining restorative yoga poses, breath work and meditation exercises. Expect to use blocks and props to support long holds in calming and restorative yoga poses. You will cycle through select pranayama (yogic breath) work, learning to extend breath in multiple ways to break down emotional barriers and achieve a more balanced and blissful state. Bea will lead you through several guided meditation exercises, incorporating mindfulness techniques to reduce stress and improve concentration. Expect to leave the class feeling more present, relaxed, and equipped with calming tools you can utilize on you own. This is a perfect opportunity to advance or begin your meditation and pranayama journey. Those unfamiliar with this type of restorative work are encouraged to join!