Instructor Spotlight: Kathleen Faulkner

Kathleen Faulkner
We are so excited to introduce you to this little southern bell this month. Meet Kathleen Faulkner. Kathleen was born in Atlanta, Georgia but raised in Jackson, Tennesee and Charlotte, North Carolina. She is the oldest of four children and attended Furman University in Greenville, South Carolina…we told you she was a southern girl through and through!

Upon graduation from Furman University, Kathleen decided she wanted to see and experience a new part of the country. She had considered several ski towns, but simply had so many people insist that Jackson was the “greatest place in the world” that she had to come see for herself!

As far back as she can remember, Kathleen was playing sports and has enjoyed exercise. During college, she would return home for winter break and work at a fitness studio in Charlotte, and that was her first introduction to the “studio” method of exercising. She started attending classes shortly thereafter and was hooked. It was then that she decided she wanted to teach fitness classes and after attending a Suspension class at Pursue she knew she had found her teaching home!

We asked Kathleen what she loves most about feeling fit, strong, and motivated and this is what she had to say:

Kathleen says that her biggest struggle is maintaining a consistent workout routine. She says that her busy life and work schedule can be unpredictable so when she sets a goal to stick with a routine, it will often become disrupted. She says she has to remind herself that even if she does not have time for an extremely long or intense workout, moving even for 20 minutes to a half-an-hour is productive and beneficial!
“A workout doesn’t have to be the longest or the hardest to be worthwhile and healthy.”
This past winter Kathleen worked as a ski tech for Jackson Hole Sports. But when she’s not teaching at Pursue, you can find her working as a hostess at Trio or shooting weddings with local photographers Ashley Merritt and Katy Gray. And this girl certainly knows how to have fun too! She loves anything sports related, especially playing them; soccer, sand volleyball, spike ball, anything and everything! She also loves to cook, read, work on her photography hobby and has really enjoyed watching the Olympics the past few weeks!

We asked Kathleen about her personal philosophy on diet and exercise and this is what she had to say:
“I think my personal wellness philosophy is still developing, but I do know that I feel strongly that physical fitness is equal parts diet and exercise. You cannot expect a finely tuned machine to run on poor fuel, and you cannot expect results from excellent fuel without training your machine! My daily diet consists of mostly vegetables, fruit, and lean protein. For easy, go-to protein I love eggs, chicken, and roasted chick peas (seasoned with salt/cayenne/paprika/cumin/garlic powder). My two favorite breakfasts are a fully packed smoothie (light on the fruit) with JuicePlus protein powder or a sweet potato & egg scramble with leftover veggies from the fridge! My “treats” (gotta stay balanced) are usually red wine, cheese, and chocolate ANYTHING. I’m a chocaholic."

Here are some “sound bites” we stole from Kathleen’s suspension class that we wanted to share with all of you. Keep these in mind next time you step into the studio:

1. We carry so much tension in our traps; we pull our shoulders up to our ears and hold them there! This is detrimental to posture and breath. In class, as much as we are pushing our muscles, doing so with shoulders down, allows us to be more productive and move in a way that is beneficial to our body!

2. Zip up the abs. I like this cue because engaging your core should never be confused with holding our breath. Your abs can be “zipped” and “on” while breath is still flowing! It is the key to strengthening the core from the inside out.

3. Neutral wrists. I am struggling with a wrist injury right now and am therefore HYPER-aware of wrist positioning on the straps!

4. Breathe. Because we forget all too often.

5. Listen to your body. As a teacher, it is my job to push you. But you should always listen to your body before listening to me! We all have so much going on in our lives that affects our bodies differently. If you are having a strong day, work all the way to your limit. If you know deep down you are off, allow your body to recover accordingly.

6. Move with purpose. Movements and exercises are nothing without purpose! Changes of speed, moving intentionally, fully engaging your mind and body can take your workout to an entirely new level.

Join Kathleen for the following classes at Pursue:
* Mondays: 6:15am-7:15am SuspensionX & 12:05-12:55pm Interval
* Fridays: 7:10am-8:10am Interval


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