Pursue Movement Studio

Instructor Spotlight: Kathleen Faulkner

“I think my personal wellness philosophy is still developing, but I do know that I feel strongly that physical fitness is equal parts diet and exercise. You cannot expect a finely tuned machine to run on poor fuel, and you cannot expect results from excellent fuel without training your machine! My daily diet consists of mostly vegetables, fruit, and lean protein. For easy, go-to protein I love eggs, chicken, and roasted chick peas (seasoned with salt/cayenne/paprika/cumin/garlic powder). My two favorite breakfasts are a fully packed smoothie (light on the fruit) with JuicePlus protein powder or a sweet potato & egg scramble with leftover veggies from the fridge! My “treats” (gotta stay balanced) are usually red wine, cheese, and chocolate ANYTHING. I’m a chocaholic." Read More